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VLP Alliance

3600 Jackson Street, Suite 148
Alexandria, LA 71303
Tel: (318) 664-2362

“Embracing Alexandria’s Architectural Legacy”
In the heart of Alexandria, Louisiana, VLP Alliance draws inspiration from the city’s storied past and vibrant present. Our work is a tribute to the rich architectural tapestry of our community, blending contemporary design with the unique character of Alexandria. Reach out to us and become a part of this ongoing narrative, where each structure we create is a landmark in its own right.

We’re excited to connect with you and discuss how we can bring your architectural vision to life. Our booking schedule will be available soon for more personalized consultations. In the meantime, please fill out the contact form below with your details and project inquiries. A member of the VLP Alliance team will reach out to you promptly to explore the possibilities.

Harlan Victor, Jr

CEO | Design & Construction Manager

Harlan Victor, Jr, humbly serves as CEO and Design & Construction Manager at VLP Alliance, LLC, bringing over 15 years of dedicated expertise in Design Engineering and Construction. Grateful for the recognition received throughout his career, Harlan’s focus spans Process Improvement, systems engineering, and scheduling, with a particular emphasis on Land Development. He engages in comprehensive marketing studies for housing and construction management. Harlan deeply values accuracy, quality design, and construction value engineering, attributes that have guided him to professional fulfillment. His journey in design engineering and construction management has been marked by a commitment to humility and continuous learning, and he remains appreciative of the collaborative efforts that have shaped his success.

Marcus Hobbs

Project Manager | Designer

Marcus Hobbs joins VLP Alliance Inc as a Project Manager and Designer. Marcus is from Alexandria LA and he received his Bachelor of Architecture Degree from Southern University in 2006. Marcus is currently pursuing his architectural license through the LA State Licensing Board. His design approach for each building includes making sure that there is a function-first design and prioritizing the practical functions of a building while still maintaining the aesthetic features. Marcus brings a wealth of knowledge with over 13 years of experience in architectural design and project management of various building types. He leads the architectural design and planning department with VLP Alliance Inc and he also specializes in code research and compliance for each project.

Joshua Smith

Design & Rendering

Joshua Smith’s journey in the realm of design and architectural rendering is marked by a profound commitment to excellence. Armed with a comprehensive education and a degree from Southeastern University, Joshua has immersed himself in the intricate world of drafting design technology.

His proficiency extends beyond the theoretical as he has accumulated hands-on experience, finely tuning his skills in architectural rendering. Joshua’s ability to breathe life into designs through meticulous rendering sets him apart in the competitive field.

Diving into the intricacies of construction management materials, he has become well-versed in the practical aspects of bringing architectural visions to fruition. This multifaceted approach reflects Joshua’s dedication to understanding every facet of the design and construction process.

With a clear trajectory in mind, Joshua aspires to elevate his professional standing by pursuing licensure as an architect. Driven by a passion for pushing the boundaries of innovative design, he envisions a future where his creations leave a lasting impact on the architectural landscape. Joshua Smith stands poised at the intersection of education, experience, and ambition, ready to shape the future of architectural design.

Norman Nassif

Professional Engineer | Architect

Norman Nassif, a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience, proudly owns Nassif Engineering & Architecture, LLC and Sure Space Construction, LLC, specializing in steel building spaces. As a licensed engineer, architect, and contractor, he serves as the consulting architect for VLP, contributing his wealth of expertise to major residential and commercial projects. A Louisiana Tech University alumnus, Norman’s enduring impact in construction, particularly in steel building spaces, is a testament to his extensive knowledge and dedication. Based in Natchitoches, Louisiana, he continues to lead with proficiency and passion in the industry.

Let’s collaborate and shape the world together.

At VLP Alliance, we are committed to transforming visions into realities. Our team of dedicated professionals leverages innovative design and strategic planning to deliver exceptional value to our clients. We are your partners in building a sustainable and prosperous future.

VLP Alliance

3600 Jackson Street, Suite 148
Alexandria, LA 71303
Tel: (318) 664-2362